Friday, 21 August 2015

A New Start

Hey Guys,

After being on Blogger for a few years now, I've decided to start a fresh and move to Wordpress. The reason for doing this is I just feel like trying something different, plus I am starting to kind of revamp my Etsy shop to sell a lot more blankets and homeware things. So a new start it is :)

I will slowly but surely be moving my old patterns from this site to the new one, so over the next few months they will be sadly disappearing from this blog. But good news - the reposted patterns on my new blog will be updated versions, with full photo tutorials! Yay!

I have already updated the Mini Amigurumi Octopus pattern - here's a sneak peak...

And I've also added a brand new pattern, I call it Spiky Granny Bunting...

I'd like to thank everyone that has followed, commented and liked my blog over the years - I have been humbled by your support and love for my work. I really do appreciate all of you!

I'd love it if you would join me on my sparkly new blog for more crochet creations in the future! You can find me at

Thanks again guys, for everything! See you on the new site <3 p="">

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Etsy Showcase Sunday: Easter

Happy Easter, everyone!

1. Crochet Cross Bookmark by CrochetedByLyubava
2. Chicken Easter Decoration PDF by HandmadeByNatalija
3. Easter Egg Bunny PDF by FantasticStitch
4. Easter Tablecloth by AlbaHandmadeForYou
5. Crochet Duck Lovely by CraftyCreationsByRA
6. Bunny with Carrot Home by Crochetri
7. Easter Hot Cross Buns PDF by BottleTopBoy
8. Easter Chick Basket by IckleCrochet
9. 6 Crocheted Crosses by MadeByElina

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Free Pattern: Chica the Chicken

Thought I’d share a free pattern with you this week - first time in a while!

I have recently become obsessed with the game Five Nights At Freddy’s - it’s a horror game based on a family pizzeria called Freddy Fazbears Pizza, and is plagued by a team of possessed animatronic characters. 

Chibi Chica
One of the characters is Chica, the chicken. I was really inspired to make an amigurumi Chica whilst watching Let’s Play’s of the game, so came up with my own Chibi version of her. I thought it would be nice to share the pattern so other fans could make their own, so here it is :)

For this pattern you will need a 3.25mm hook, DK/Light WW/Sport yarn in yellow and orange. I also used 10mm safety eyes, black yarn for eyebrows, white felt and pink embroidery floss. For added spookiness I used black pastels to shade around her eyes.

Stitches needed:

Sc - Single Crochet
Inc - Sc Increase
Dec - Sc Decrease
Bob - Bobble Stitch - YO, insert hook in next st, YO, pull up a loop, (YO, insert hook in same st, YO, pull up a loop) 3 more times, YO, and draw through all loops on hook

I hope you enjoy the pattern! 

Chibi Chica

Chica The Chicken

Head and Body

In Yellow

1. Ch 2, Sc 6 into 2nd Ch from hook, or Magic Ring 6 (6)
2. Inc around (12)
3. *Sc, Inc* around (18)
4. *Sc 2, Inc* around (24)
5. *Sc 3, Inc* around (30)
6. *Sc 4, Inc* around (36)
7. *Sc 5, Inc* around (42)
8 - 16. Sc around (42) - Mark Row 13 for eye placement
16. *Sc 5, Dec* around (36)
17. *Sc 4, Dec* around (30)
18. *Sc 3, Dec* around (24)

Attach Safety Eyes Now

19. *Sc 2, Dec* around (18)
20. *Sc 8, Inc* around (20)
21. *Sc 9, Inc* around (22)
22. *Sc 10, Inc* around (24)
23. *Sc 11, Inc* around (26)
24. *Sc 12, Inc* around (28)
25. *Sc 13, Inc* around (30)
26. *Sc 14, Inc* around (32)
27. *Sc 15, Inc* around (34)
28. *Sc 16, Inc* around (36)
29 - 30. Sc around (36)
31. *Sc 4, Dec* around (30)
32. *Sc 3, Dec* around (24)

Stuff Head and Body Now

33. *Sc 2, Dec* around (18)
34. *Sc, Dec* around (12)
35. Dec around (6)
*Bind Off, Weave In Ends*


In Yellow

Make 2 

1. Ch 2, Sc 6 into 2nd Ch from hook, or Magic Ring 6 (6)
2. Sc Inc around (12)
3. Bobble Stitch, Sc 11 (12 Sts)
4. Sc around (12)
5. *Sc 2, Dec* around (9)
6 - 8. Sc around (9)
*Bind Off, Leaving Long Tail for Sewing*


In Yellow

Make 2

1. Ch 2, Sc 6 into 2nd Ch from hook, or Magic Ring 6 (6)
2. Sc Inc around (12)
3. *Sc 1, Inc* around (18)
4. Bob, Sc 2, Bob, Sc 2, Bob, Sc 11 around (18 Sts)
5. Sc around (18)
6. Dec, Sc 1, Dec, Sc 1, Dec, Sc 10 (15 Sts)
7. Dec, Sc 1, Dec, Sc 10 (13 Sts)
8. Sc around (13)
*Bind Off, Leaving Long Tail for Sewing*

Top Beak

In Orange

1. Ch 2, Sc 6 into 2nd Ch from hook, or Magic Ring 6 (6)
2. Sc Inc around (12)
3. *Sc 1, Inc* around (18)
4. Sc around (18)
*Bind Off, Leaving Long Tail for Sewing*

Bottom Beak

In Orange

1. Ch 2, Sc 6 into 2nd Ch from hook, or Magic Ring 6 (6)
2. Sc Inc around (12)
3. Sc around (12)
*Bind Off, Leaving Long Tail for Sewing*

. Stuff Arms and sew to sides of the body
. Stiff Feet/Legs and sew to front/bottom of body
. Sew each beak piece closed, and sew to mouth. Try to curve the beak slightly whilst you are sewing  so the beak looks rounded :)
. Add hair, eyebrows and black pastels around the eyes, if desired

Chicas Bib

Chica’s Bib

In the Five Nights At Freddy’s games, Chica is wearing a bib that says ‘Let’s Eat!!!’ I made her bib from a scrap of white craft felt. I cut the bib and ties out from a rectangular piece, kind of like this…

Chicas Bib

I then embroidered the words onto the front with pink embroidery floss.

Sew the bib in place with some white sewing thread :)

You’re Done!!

I hope you enjoyed making your very own Chica! As with all my patterns, please feel free to share/sell anything you make, but please do not sell the pattern itself :)

Happy Crocheting! :D

Monday, 30 March 2015

Evolution Of The Stash

I've always thought I owned a lot of yarn, but every year I buy more and more and my stash gets bigger and bigger, far outweighing what I originally had.

This is my original stash, back in January 2009..

January 2009 Stash
I thought these 7 or so balls of wool were really pushing it, and I remember being scared where I was going to keep it all lol! I bought a big sewing project bag to keep it in, and soon filled it with more yarn - usually going for interesting solid colours of cheap DK that I could make my ever growing Amigurumi Army out of.

7 turned into about 90, 2 years on...

March 2011 Stash

... Which I kept in a small bookcase in my room. It was a little Ikea Billy bookcase and, again, soon got full and over flowed.

I started getting into making Blythe doll hats and jumpers at this time, with the purchase of my first Blythe, Zoe. I liked making stripy hats and soon found I could cheap by using variegated yarns. So that's what I started buying lots of. 

I had a break from crochet for about a year at one point, after making so much I think I just blew a 'Crochet Fuse', as I call it. But my love of my new Blythe friends soon turned me back to crochet in a big way and now, in 2015, by stash is now at 230 balls/skeins and counting...

January 2015 Stash

I upgraded my Billy Bookcase to 4 bigger Ikea models, which my Dad assembled for me and bolted together so they wouldn't topple over lol. I love this new set up - the small shelves allow me to see at a glance what yarn I have and in what quantity. Makes matching colours for a colour scheme so much easier :)

My stash now contains a large variety of yarns, ranging from cheap DK, to wool blends, mohair, Arans and American WW's. I feel like my stash has changed along with my crochet adventures, and now reflects all the different things I make.

I hope you have enjoyed looking through my stashes with me as much as I have! It's always weird looking back on past projects and stuff, and just thought I'd share this with you :)

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Etsy Showcase Sunday: Rainbows

This week on Etsy Showcase Sunday - Rainbows!

1. Pastel Rainbow Beanie by HippyFairy 
3. Rainbow Crochet Mobile by bubblewrapdesigns 
4. Rainbow Skate Monster by SkateMonsters 
5. Rainbow Crochet Gloves by AnaisandAiyla 
6. Amigurumi Monster Doll by TreacherCreatures 
7. Rainbow Crochet Nesting Bowls by CrochetedForBaby 
8. 70’s Rainbow Shawl PDF Pattern by DivineDigital 
9. Rainbow Beanie by GlamourDamaged

Friday, 27 March 2015

Shop Update: Pocket Bunny Friends

Mr Pink and Lots Of Love

New Update in my Etsy Shop - More Pocket Bunny Friends!

Introducing Mr Pink - a true gentleman who loves pink and isn't afraid to show it; and Lots Of Love, who just wants a big hug from you :)

Both are available now in my EssHaych shop for £5.50 each :)

Hope you like them! 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Throwback Thursday: Big Christmas Blanket W.I.P

Mum and Dads Christmas Blanket 2011
I decided to make my Mum and Dad a big Grannny Square blanket for Christmas back in 2011 - It was my first big project and took me about 2 months. I was so sick of it by the end that I said I'd never make another one, but of course I did hehe! I now love making these blankets - they're one of my favourite things to crochet. Funny how your tastes in making things can change over time...